Outpatient Services (Lab, Radiology, Ultrasound)

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  1. Courtesy of the registration/admission staff?

  2. Efforts made by the staff to ensure your privacy?

  3. Courtesy of staff involved in your care?

  4. Timeliness in getting your test or treatment started?

  5. Efforts of the staff to make you feel safe during patient care activities?

  6. Skill displayed by the staff involved in your care?

  7. General cleanliness of the building?

  8. Efforts of the staff to always explain any delays?

  9. Willingness of the staff to answer your questions to your satisfaction?

  10. Would you recommend this hospital to your friends and family?

  11. If there was one thing that made your visit to our facility seem special, what was it?

  12. For any areas that you were unsatisfied with, what could we have done to make it better during your visit?

  13. Other comments